The Leap

In a tech-driven world obsessed with predictability, some are increasingly romanticizing the unforeseeable. The Leap is one such an electronic music outfit. Finding beauty in the capriciousness of the machines, this duo is applying technology in ever less predictable ways. They understand, it’s the plunge into the unknown which gives both music and life its ultimate zest.

The Leap is more than just a shot in the dark. It’s the culmination of endless days and nights, taming sequencers, synthesizers and other soundmachines—by both its members, Tripeo and Doka. Based in Nijmegen, arguably one of Holland’s most interesting electronic music hubs, each has seperately made waves in international waters. Tripeo with his mesmerizingly fierce take on atmospheric techno, and Doka with an equally hypnotizing and relentless musical approach.

The Leap is their collective dive into uncharted territories. Both in the studio and live on stage, the aim is to explore the uncertainties of unplanned rhytms and makeshift melodies. This generates an exhilerating live experience. Their recent creative outpour has also resulted in several upcoming releases on Tripeo and Rekids—not to mention the launch of their epynomous imprint.