Lewski released his first solo record at Patron Records, based in Amsterdam in 2017. The diverse likes of artists on his first release ensured he will never stop. After the first one he released his second at Darko Esser’s Wolfskuil. After those two his reputation of blending acid, electro and several styles together get noticed by Or:la. In 2019 Lewski had the opportunity to release the first one at her fresh new label called: ‘Céad’.

In 2019 the record at Or:la’s label wasn’t the only record he put out. A single track ‘Artificial Beings’ (Support by Helena Hauff and Laurent Garnier’s Tsugi Electro mix CD) V.A. and recently ‘Bicameral Mind EP’. Both came out on his homebase Patron Records. 

Utrecht-based Lewski has just begun to make waves in the scene although the gig section of his CV speaks for itself with appearances at De School, Zeezout, Awakenings and Twitch in Belfast. Don’t forget his local club Was in Utrecht where he also played his first Boiler Room as a local club damager.

Lewski’s perspective on performing as a DJ is all about finding that perfect moment and choosing the right frequencies in a room full of people to make them feel in a specific way.