JP Enfant

The musical philosophy of JP Enfant is as clear-cut as his DJ sets. The affable Amsterdam resident is on a fast track to become an influential figure in techno through his work as a DJ, producer, and promoter and A&R manager for the acclaimed underground collective LET. His style? Dubbed, steaming and slightly melancholic techno made for the dance floor, alongside the odd excursion to experimental and bass.

Aside from the fact that it put LET on the map, the legendary Trouw was also pivotal in JP’s personal career. Due to his sets at the late club, where he also became a resident, it wasn’t too long before others spotted him. 2014 and ’15 saw the budding artist make great strides, with performances at Dutch festivals such as Awakenings, Mysteryland and Open Air, along with other highlights such as gigs at the Berlin techno haven Berghain and his recently acquired residency at the Amsterdam based club De School, or granted lead support for one of his biggest personal icons: Jeff Mills.

A strong studio work ethic, combined with his blooming creativity, has resulted in the release of some outstanding EPs that have not gone unnoticed.