Jeff Rushin

Amsterdam based Jeff Rushin knows that it is not just the records you play, but how and when you play them that really matters. He is passionate about those fleeting, one of a kind moments that exist between mixes, and is always on the search for the next one. His quest has so far seen him enjoy a career that now spans over two decades and has taken him all across Europe, to smaller clubs, major venues and global festivals alike. Always looking to experiment with a wide range of sounds, a Rushin set is warm, energetic and adapted to any given context.

As a producer, Jeff is faithful to techno’s rhythmic, machine made roots while also injecting his own sense of emotion and atmosphere into the picture. His records are made for the head as well as the heel, and he has dropped them on a number of top labels such as Mote-Evolver. They often get picked up by influential international DJs, whilst Jeff is also the driving force creative mind behind the respected On and On events, which have become much talked about on Amsterdam’s competitive nightlife scene. Always eager to play and find the next moment of musical perfection, Jeff is on a never ending mission to keep people dancing.