Gabriella Vergilov

Gabriella Vergilov is the newest Bulgarian export in the world of electronic music and the only Female artist to date from her homeland to appear on the Boiler Room format and having her music being played at the world’s best dance floor- Berghain. She is a Bulgarian-born producer, DJ and singer with an idiosyncratic take on electronic music and with an extraordinary energy on the stage.

Her sound behind the decks blends synth-infused basslines, cinematic atmospheres and sensual vocals, and has been wowing audiences at clubs like Shelter Amsterdam, Arena Berlin, Dimensions festival and more. Equally embodied in her distinctive and deeply personal productions, Gabriella’s unique and pulsating style is the result of immense talent, incredible skills, and the ever-present influence of her homeland’s folklore.

Gabriella Vergilov | Ampere Open Air

Antwerp: With releases on the legendary The Bunker New York imprint up her sleeve, the Bulgarian DJ and choreographer Gabriella Vergilov is turning it up a notch!

Geplaatst door Boiler Room op Zondag 25 augustus 2019