Flug is an Argentinian who takes his audiences on trips deep into themselves and journeys with them back to the roots of techno. He does so at celebrated clubs like Space Ibiza, Rex in Paris, Moog in Barcelona and many other key spots around Europe, always offering up sets that are as devastating as they are uplifting, with serious kick drums, an expert use of hi-hats and reverb heavy basslines. His own music, too, is just as impactful: it looks forward to the future of techno and comes on labels like CLR, SOMA and many more, always combining industrially chiselled sounds with melodic rhythms that are both elegant and eloquent in nature.

Self disciplined, humble and fiercely passionate, Flug puts his all into every single set and every single studio session. And it shows in his always real and honest output. To that end, he now plans to set up his own label and has an artist album, The Man Behind The Artist, all ready for early 2016. It is the latest and most personal chapter in this man’s ever evolving story and once again confirms him to be a freeform talent with plenty to say for himself.