When thinking about Dutch dj/producer Dexter it’s no surprise the first word that comes to mind is ‘electro’. With tracks like Intruder (Klakson) and I Don’t Care (Klakson) he proved to really understand the genre inside and out and is able to twist it into his own signature sound. While the people and media all around didn’t hesitate to baptize him as the ‘Dutch electro pride’ either. But Dexter is definitely not a one-trick-pony for that matters.These past decades Remy Verheijen – Dexter’s real name – basically produced music in any genre he likes. When you dive deeper into the discography of Dexter you’ll find disco, funk, house and techno records next to his more known electro releases. This versatility also goes for his remixes, like the ones he did for Casco’s italo classic ‘Cybernatic Love’ and for Dutch rap formation De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig for instance.

Dexter has moved around the Dutch electronic music scene since the roaring 90’s, and his productions were picked up by prominent labels such as Rush Hour and Clone these past decades. And while there are a lot of EP’s, remixes and other productions to be proud of, the album he co-produced with and for Virginia on Ostgut Ton (Fierce for the Night – 2016) has been most memorable for Dexter. It was for this album he really learned how to work as a producers team, which he did together with Steffi, Martyn and Virginia of course. But working together with Egyptian Lover for The Clone Machine ep (Clone – 2018) is definitely up there too. Dexter’seclecticnessdoesn’t stick to his productions only, as he will play his own taste in music when dj-ing as well. Having played at Berghain/Panorama bar, Tresor, fabric, Trouw (rip), Melt!, Voltt and various other clubs and festivals these past years Dexter has showed his capacity to move crowds while always sticking to his guns.