Arnaud Le Texier

Arnaud’s career dates back to 1990 when he began managing record shops and building what is now a huge archive of knowledge, taste and musical dedication to his name. His residency at Paris’s Queen (1996 – 2001) and memorable sets around the world perfected his DJ skills, earning him a spot in the worldwide scene where he continues to be a prominent figure to this day. Arnaud is living in London since 2006, where he is a regular DJ at Fabric. Arnaud runs Children Of Tomorrow since 2011, a label created by Emmanuel Ternois in 2008.

Since 1999 Arnaud produced different EP’s & remixes for Affin, Chronicle, Cocoon, Children Of Tomorrow and Nachtstrom Schallplatten just to name few, and since 2013 also with Antonio De Angelis under their Detect Audio alias. Having been associated or played at every major techno party over the last ten years, Arnaud has kept himself at the very front of the scene and is one of the veterans of the London underground music scene.