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A little more footage of Valhalla Festival. Here's Mirella Kroes in control of the Maze stage 💣!
Valhalla Amsterdam

Valhalla Festival you were on FIRE thanks everyone for bringing that energy to the Maze 🔥

Geplaatst door Mirella Kroes op Dinsdag 24 december 2019
Amotik at KNTXT I Charlotte de Witte, 999999999 & Matrixxman in the one and only fabriclondon last Saturday!

Such an honour to play fabriclondon last night - a room where I’ve spent many hours on the dance floor in the early 00’s. Thanks for having me Fabric /Charlotte de Witte/ KNTXT. Great to catch up with friends in London over the weekend too.

Geplaatst door Amotik op Zondag 15 december 2019
Check out 3 solid hours of Sandrien's performance for Technoon Brussels! ▶️
We are very excited to announce that Gabriella Vergilov has joined our roster! Gabriella is the new Bulgarian promise in the world of electronic music and the only female artist to date from her homeland to appear on Boiler Room and having her music played on one of the world's most renowned dance floor - Berghain. She is a Bulgarian-born Brussels-based producer, DJ and singer with an inimitable take on electronic music and with an extraordinary energy on stage! For bookings please contact Vanessa Vassallo at vassallo@gloam.nl Gloam: https://www.gloam.nl/#gabriella-vergilov
Special memories from Sandrien during last months Labyrinth Festival in Japan! 🇯🇵

So...a bit late but it took me a long time to process Mindgames: The Labyrinth ❤️. I’m so happy I could experience it! I’m so proud of the organisation, to guide everyone through extreme weather conditions. Waiting for the sun to start to shine on the first ambient piece. That’s just something else. Besides that, the perfect sound, the sweet people, to be in such a beautiful place. Happy I could play my set, it meant a lot! Special to play during sunset and to be surrounded by lovely people. Thank you Russ, SO, Chris, Mike, Manami, Jakey, Steve, Peter, the amazing audio wizzards and everyone involved for all the good cares and all the volunteers! ❤️ Track: Aubrey - Gravitational Lensing

Geplaatst door Sandrien op Zondag 10 november 2019
MARCEL DETTMANN playing 'SNARK' by Juan Sanchez. Out now on Format Records!
Juan Sanchez 'KALPA' EP is out now on Format Records! Already supported by MARCEL DETTMANN, Luke Slater, Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Fiedel and Laurent Garnier 💥. Check it out if you haven't already!
Mix of the Month October for OOST Groningen! > Lewski